“Vedaanam Saamavedosmi…!!!"

As per Hindu mythology, the endless ocean of “Sangeetham” has originated from Samavedam. Lord Krishna defined himself as Samaveda among Vedas in Vibhuti yogam. Right from the evolution of the Carnatic music many had offered their valuable services to the world of music for its unending enrichment in various ways - which can be mainly classified as Vocal and Instrumental. Among the instruments, Veena has its own glory which makes a significant difference in any Carnatic music concert. Goddess Lalitha is praised by the hymns as “Veenanadha Vinodhini” and Goddess Saraswathi, the embodiment of knowledge (education) is “Veena Dhari” - perhaps to denote that the veena nadham dispels “avidya” (agnanam).The extreme happiness and joy in human beings is most commonly compared to Madhura Veena Nadham.

We welcome you to this website of Madhura Veena Bhashini - Smt. Kaza Subhashini Sastry, one of the renowned contemporary Veena artists. Just click on enter to know more about the maestro and enjoy the Veena Nadham of “Madhura Mahati”.